Saturday, February 11, 2017

Never ending strip quilt - Finished

Finally another patchwork top finished for the Orphans at Hope Homes International. I still have one waiting to be quilted and bound but decided to do some simple sewing instead.  Over my two convalescences I have found it very hard to concentrate on projects etc. So I wanted something that would fill a need but help me to be creative without being taxing. 
I emptied my entire bag of leftover strips. slowly over weeks I put them into piles of their respective widths. Then I chain sewed them together. From there I used the technique that Missouri Star Quilt Company call - The jelly roll race.
It is a very quick assembly, though because I had different sizes I had to put it together in sections rather than one whole. Using a whole bag of leftovers has been great - BUT there are still some leftovers so that might be the beginning of the next quilt!!!

Thrilled to have a finish, it has been great being able to craft without it being taxing. This is a finish for FAL2017 and I link to Crazy Mum Quilts and these places.

2017 FAL


  1. I remember seeing this video awhile back and thinking it would be good and fun to make!

  2. Hi! Your race quilt looks great, I love all the colors! I just wanted to let you know that I host a charity sewing link-up on my blog every Wednesday and invite you to link up any posts about charity-related quilting you do. Last week's linkup is still open, and there will be another this Wednesday :)

    1. Hi again! I got your comment on my blog. Thank you for trying the link up, at any rate! I've had some trouble with it not working properly on different browsers. As near as I can tell it work on Chrome and Firefox but not always on Internet Explorer. Frustrating. Anyway, thank you :)


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