Wednesday, February 1, 2017

An upcycle finish

For a while now I have been upcycling shirts into other clothing. The one I consistently do is to make business shirts into nighties. I choose linen and cotton so they are lovely to wear. This is three shirts into one nightie.
I actually had it cut out before I went into hospital last time, but did not get it made. My other ones are wearing thin so I had to hop to it.
I started with these three shirts
It has been a good time to sew as the summer weather has been like winter. Colleen and I at the river on a day which was meant to be 26 degrees C but, like all other days, ended up cold and windy.

Linking to Crazy mum quilts and these links as well as being my first 2017 FAL.
2017 FAL


  1. This is such an awesome idea!

  2. It looks great ! I love your idea of upcycling shirts ! Thanks for participating in the 2017 FAL, visiting on behalf of the 2017 FAL cheerleading team.

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