Friday, March 3, 2017

My latest adventures

beach art

So my eldest turned 14 - wow how did that happen. The next weekend while the youngest was at Soccer trials Jakob and I went for an hour and half walk to the beach and back. Even though it is summer it was cool. Jakob picked handfuls of tiny tiny stones and threw them specifically to make artistic patterns in the sand. We then took photos to analyse whether it looked good or not

The beach always has driftwood houses built. This one was well past high tide and survived well. If the weather was icky it would be the place to retreat to.

The walk goes past about 25 plum trees. A couple still had some very ripe plums on them to snack on the way.
Post operation I have now been permission to get back in the pool. So am doing a couple of mornings at aquasize and then some family length swimming time.
Turning these two chairs into a hallway bench seat is well in progress. Loving it so far, just need to finish.

There has been a lot of travel for work to catch up on the time out from the operations and so a bit of stitching has occurred on a few flights. Sometime I have been too tired on the way home, to do anything.

I wanted to get into running and was managing to get started when my calf muscles pinged a couple of times. Not good. Now I can do these things my body is letting me know that it is a bit old!!
A walk on a hot day to our favourite place. Two days after the walk a huge fire raged and thousand of people were evacuated. The area is now just burnt out.
This was climbing almost to the top of Sugar Loaf. I have not been able to go up for five years. I was so thrilled to be heading back to getting views.
My gorgeous boys.


  1. Try Rapaki Track. It is still open and it is a good workout and the views at the top are outstanding.

    1. Good idea but way to steep and hard still post heart operation. We used to do it all the time.


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