Saturday, February 20, 2016

I made a seat from two bed ends

And I am so stoked with it!! It took me about 2.5 hours. I had been putting it off for ages and the bed ends had just ended up in the garage taking room. But with University study looming I am frantically trying to get stuff done, as I will not have any time now for ages.
At the moment it has a pile of cushions on it, but I will make a squab to fit. I wanted to paint it but Aaron decided he liked the wood look, so he will do a test sand. If the colours are not going to match then I will paint it. If the wood all matches then I will just polyurethane it all. 

I started with these two Pine single bed ends. Obtained from the Salvation Army Op Shop for a few dollars.
I measure through the centre of the bed end and cut it in two. This was for the arms. I used a hand saw as our skill saw is old and goes wonky. So all the cutting took forever!! and my arms got tired.
I attached the two halves to the headboard and started to feel confident of my design. I had to go to Mitre 10 to get beading and wood for the seat. But they had a scrap bin and all I ended up requiring to pay for was the beading and front board.
I was so absorbed in my project that I missed a few stages with the making. But you can see the beading and strutting I did underneath.
I was really thrilled that everything matched up. My front was flush with the seat. To be honest I was surprised and when I put it on the garage floor and it did not wobble, I was ecstatic.
Finished in the garage, so proud of myself.
At the end of our bed. I think it is too high sitting there but Aaron likes it. Long term I might chop the top down. But at the moment the building is finished. Making it look pretty now has to start.


  1. I love it! What a great idea! It would look cute in an entry or mudroom too. I do have one question - did you use screws to attach the arms to the headboard?

    1. Yes I used self tapping screws through the arm on an angle to the headboard

  2. What a wonderful idea! I'd like to try something like that too...some day.


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