Thursday, March 3, 2016

White fleshed nectarine

 When we moved it was autumn and difficult to tell what the different fruit trees were. Our predecessors obviously were like me though. We have now discovered that we have one "Mabel" nectarine. A golden fleshed nectarine and this white fleshed nectarine.
Juicy and delicious and I think it could be another Mabel. To prove that all I will need to do is cook it as Mabel is like a Black Boy peach.  If cooked or bottled they turn dark purple. Unlike the Black Boy peach you don't have to deal with a furry outside. So fantastic for school lunches.
Today this was my breakfast, along with coffee, in front of the computer watching my first university lecture! I have enrolled to finish my Graduate Diploma in HR and am so nervous about it. The term started this week and I have exhibited stress to my family!!! Concerned about the amount of time, understanding referencing requirements etc etc. I feel exhausted. 
But I have to say this has got to be the most relaxed way to study. Everyone who knows me well will understand me being in my dressing gown. 
There are many other people who are raising families, working and trying to juggle study. At least I have empathy with them - another great HR skillset. Best dash. Have time for a walk before my next online at 12noon. Sigh no more free time on a Thursday.

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