Thursday, March 10, 2016

When things seem too hard

Sometimes things just seem too big to tackle so I either put it off, try to ignore it, make a million excuses or use the procrastination technique that Aaron is so good at.
The last time I studied was in 2008 but I had still not finished my university qualification. I stopped with three papers to go. I found all sort of excuses... no time.. sick children... husband studying... full time work,...moving house...costs too much.  
Over the last 6 years these excuses have been removed one by one. We are healthy, we are settled in our new home, Aaron finished his degree, I work part time, it no longer costs as much.
So I took the plunge and enrolled. As soon as I had I found a million other things to do than to start. I now have a super clean oven, some clean windows (not all), a seat for the end of the bed, a tidy sewing room. 
But in actual fact, once I got over my first few days where I did hissy fits and was stressed 
It's actually not that bad and I am really interested in my subject, I feel it relates well to my work and it is fascinating me. 
But I had to put myself through all that to get to this point!!!

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