Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The meals I was most happy with this month.

Who needs a restaurant, when you can do this from your own garden. Dinner last night was wild venison back steak, seared and rested. Using blackcurrant jam to de-glaze the pan and pour the juices over. With a strawberry and radish salad. Oh so delicious. 
Lunch with my sister. Home made Ciabiatta bread, chicken liver pate and raspberry jam. With some home grown tomatoes and lovely local kumene kaas cheese. 
A healthier lasagne. Using zuchini in every second layer instead of pasta. 

Getting the new pizza oven into use. Garlic and chilli bread. Yum 


  1. Good idea on the zucchini in the lasagne, I wonder if I could sell my kids on that. (Youngest has a bunch of allergies, and I miss lasagne! Not sure I could bring myself to make it dairy free though, which would also be required).

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  3. That all looks sooooo yummy. I want to come to your house for dinner!


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