Monday, February 15, 2016

Thrilled with the refashion

I went from a stack of linen shirts and jackets, all from Op shops at a total cost of $8
To a casual colour blocked shift dress. I used a dress that I enjoy wearing and overlaid it as I cut items for this. That pattern worked out quite well considering I did not even make a paper pattern.  
I really like natural fabrics being linen, cotton and wool. This being 100% linen shirts has made it a bit stiffer than the shift I modelled it off. I need to start thinking about the flow of material. Recently I have purchased a few "fake" material tunics and the drift about the larger body frame rather nicely. 
I was really struggling to get enough dark material for the bottom of the dress so made a bias binding and used that for the hemming 
Absolutely thrilled with the secret pockets in the front of the tunic. I get really annoyed that ladies gear often does not have pockets. What to do with my phone and car keys? Drives me nuts. So these are quite deep. 
Now I have some sleeves and lots of buttons to do something with. Can't waste a thing. 
This has been on my to do list for about two years. I put it onto this quarters projects to finish with "2016 finish a long" to motivate me. And yay it is done.

2016 FAL as well as these other links and now a new link up with one of my favourite refashion blogs "Sew Outside the Lines"


  1. That's very clever - what a great idea!

  2. WOW - what a fantastic REinvent! I think the fabric you used suits the style very much and the pockets are ingenious!
    Thanks for the mention,
    Jody x

  3. Gosh you're a whizz Karen! This looks absolutely gorgeous. You look great in it. I sometimes see really cheap things like shirts and jeans and know I could make them into something else but I just don't have the vision, or time really, to make these things. Thanks so much for sharing at Thriving on Thursdays. Always great to see you and your amazing projects. I'm featuring this one at tomorrow's party.

    Anne xx

  4. Perfect for our current hot, Summer weather, Karen. And being made from linen it will keep you cool and wear well, too. Great job refashioning the shirts and jackets.

  5. It is beautiful, But being me i would have takken some od the darkest blue and added a blue flower /or tiny pocket on the border between the two lightest colors ,,,
    But this is my taste and it is not a comment on your dress , mirjam

  6. Hi Karen, have just come over from Jody's blog to have a squizz at your re-invent and have to say it looks great and you've been very ingenious with it! Love the pockets and couldn't agree more about the lack of pockets in women's clothing. Well done! :)


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