Friday, December 11, 2015

I am the proudest mum and Auntie

Eli on the left and Jakob on the right.
Last night I felt that the awards my children and nieces won were all my effort. I felt that I won. I was so excited and hyped and and proud and ......

My son Jakob got Dux of the primary school! and my son Eli got academic top of class as well as receiving Distinction for the ICAS international exam in English. I could have burst. Not only that but Jakob and my two nieces also got academic top of their class. So when they read out the names for the 8 classes it went like this ....
name, name, Schulz, Schulz, Schulz, name name, Schulz - Wow it was a thrill to be there.
Jakob celebrating with some of his class mates. One of the things that occurred when his name was called was his entire year group and some other kids stood and acknowledged him very loudly. What an honour it was to see that.  
Eli receiving his certificate for Distinction for the international award.

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