Monday, December 14, 2015

Finally feeling like Christmas... The Elf arrived with the presents

After school last week we finally go down to the serious business of Christmas. I put Pandora Christmas station on and the boys and I got down to work.

Well.... the reality is Jakob was putting Pandora on as I needed help and Eli appeared out of the blue announcing Santa had arrived!! (first picture) so I was laughing. Then five minutes later all I heard was "quick quick it is itching like mad". I rushed to the lounge to see the tinsel, not on the tree as instructed, but on Eli. Took a quick photo before we all had to untinsel him and it must have been seriously itchy as it left him very red around the torso.

The tree was dressed - yes it is small but we figure that where Jesus lived it is mainly Olive trees to so we use that, with various decorations made over the years. Presents under, and may I say that Mr Aaron Schulz somehow has the bulk of them!! The nativity scene is up and it is one that is added to, advent calendar style, during the run up to Christmas.

Then it was onto making teacher and friend gifts for school. Lining up the candy canes, the kit kats etc and production line started. Then the last wee treat to show it really is Christmas came in the form of the first raspberry. Yummy yum yum

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  1. I'm a bit like you this year Karen. My dear mother-in-law passed away last week and we had her funeral on Wednesday just past. It's a terrible time of year for things like this but it can't be helped. And here I was thinking I was on track. After present wrapping last night and listening to some Christmas carols I think I can finally say that it's starting to feel like Christmas. (Gosh, your boys have grown!) Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays. I'm adding this post into my Christmas round up which goes live tomorrow.

    Anne xx


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