Saturday, May 2, 2015

Karen "The Tool Woman" Schulz

There were many other names for the title of my post which I auditioned -
"This is how I relax before I go to sleep" (referring to me starting and completing this at 10.30pm in my PJ's).
"I normally start a DIY and then get my Father in law to fix it". A very common title for me to use but could not use that title as I did it all myself!!!
"How to make a fish smoker for $2.50".

So at 10pm (after a hectic day spending the price of a small car on various items for our new house) I had started making a fish smoker. And I finished making it 10 minutes later, which is just as well as all my family-in-law are over for lunch tomorrow as a thank you for helping us move. And I am making smoked salmon.
upcycle, recycle
And yes you read a title correctly. I made this for $2.50. The metal lunch box and the cooling rack coming from the same Thrift Store at this bargain price. Due to all but one latch being broken it would be hard to sell it at all. When I explained to the shop that I needed a metal cake tin or similar for smoking fish I think they thought I was mad.
Anyway referring to the title of the blog - I have to fake my amazing DIY skills as I have NO IDEA what the name of some tools I wanted to use were. But have since found out that it is a wire cutter (grr do you know how many years I cut chicken wire with  - not sure the tool name but they are like pliers but with a cutting edge - only to find out that we had a special tool for this that took seconds to do and not hours!! sigh) and a hacksaw.
smoking fish

Cut the cooling rack down to size, put it in the tin, add some manuka shavings and we will be on fire tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting idea indeed - do let us know how the smoked salmon turns out! Hopefully, it should be good enough to eat!

    1. It was yummy but was so busy I did not take a photo.

  2. How did you light it...did you put meths in a dish under the lunchbox or inside the lunchbox, i'm interested to know how this turned out

    1. Put it on top of the bbq grill but that just started steaming the fish. So took the grill off and sat it on the flame and the sawdust inside smokes. 10 min and it was gorgeous!!! Salmon fresh from NZ was only $24 kg at Countdown on the weekend only.


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