Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A new sport in our house

The boys have been on at me for over a year to learn how to be a trampolinist. Trampoline classes are probably the most expensive sport there is where we live. Not only has the cost put me off but the travel too. Now we have moved we live only 500m from the trampoline centre. So this term they finally started lessons. Three weeks later and they both earned their first certificate. Eli also did his second certificate (blue) but they did not have spare ones to fill out so he will get it in a couple of week.
They already can do complete flips and land on their feet. I am hoping that it may mean the end of Eli cracking his head open as he learns to control what he does on a trampoline.

They insisted on goofy photos too.


  1. Oh you got me the moment you mentioned trampolining. In our home in England we had our own gymnastic trampoline (a real one not one of those round bouncing tramps that people have in their gardens these days) and the kids all had lessons when they were very very young so they'd know exactly how to do it correctly and safely. It was the best purchase we ever made and we were very sad to sell it when we left England - no-one ever grew out of trampolining and everyone used it every day for twenty years. Flicky has continued trampolining and is now a trampolining coach for St Andrews University, I know your boys will get so much pleasure from it and it's an amazing way to keep fit too - how about you having lessons?! - Chris

    1. Hey Chrissie. I had thought of having lessons myself. Bit daunted by all the teenagers flipping all over the place!! Think I need to lose a bit of weight and get more flexible before I did this though.


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