Monday, April 27, 2015

ANZAC 100 years

On ANZAC day at 2pm we attended the most personal ANZAC service I have ever been too. Reading of letters from family members who were in the service. Very moving. One of the best wreaths that I have ever seen - from the local spinners and knitters group. Local native plants, red knitted poppies and flax crosses. Stunning.

My family
Lest we forget,
Private John "Jack" Brown, Killed in Action at Havrincourt, France 30 September 1918
Private James Brown, his brother, Killed in Action at Le Cateau, France the day after his 21st Birthday, 23/10/1918
Private George Anderson Bayne, Killed in Action, Chunuk Bair Gallipoli 8/8/1915
Private James Lews Bayne, Rouen, France 10/10/1918
Trooper Kenneth Anderson Bayne, died nr Pitcairn Island trying to save a child who fell off a troopship, already wounded at Gallipoli, 25/11/1916
Lieutenant Ashley Aston Heyworth, died in France 1/2/1918
Private Oliver Pickering, died Doullens, France 26/7/1918
Private James Peevers, Italy 19/12/1943
Flight Sergeant Thomas Alexander Peevers, Plane crashed St Arnault, France 2/5/1944
Private Ernest John Pickering, Egypt, 17/7/1942
Kenneth Anderson Chittock, Greece 25/5/1941
John Patrick Arthur Giles, died in Air Operations, Svino, Denmark,

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