Monday, April 6, 2015

Apple - Peasgood Nonsuch

Such a funny name. We have two of these trees on our new property. When we first came to view the property with the potential to buy I spotted and immediately identified the tree. (Correctly too which I was pretty thrilled about). Since then I have done a bit of reading as there is no codlin moth, no disease which is amazing. I knew them as cookers but in reading they say they are really good eaters too, so will have to try that.
Peasgood Nonsuch
Trying to show proportions of the huge apple (compared to a jar of jam)
They are the biggest cooking apple grown and a lovely heritage variety that are very much back in vogue. Self fertile and tip fruiting. It is really important when you have apple trees to identify them as if you pruned this for modern standards you would get no fruit as it fruits on the tip of the branch and modern pruning is to take them back to nodules along a branches full length.
1 apple was enough for an entire pie which feed four people!!!
Anyway. The apple pie was Yummy. I made it with butter puff pastry as everyone says you should. Can't say I was very impressed with the pastry. Does not puff amazingly more like a flakey puff. Wont be spending that money again. Maybe seeing that this is a heritage apple I should make a heritage puff pastry. My granddad used to make the most amazing pastry that used a whole pound of butter!!!!

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