Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting some sewing done in the school holidays

Cutting mat, sewing machine and paraphernalia 

Concentration to avoid crashing
Tucked up in bed 

Very hard to turn corners on these bikes
In the middle of the school holidays Aaron took Jakob off to the Routeburn Track for 6 nights (and they walked in a blizzard, got snowed in, the track was officially closed etc etc.  In the meantime Eli and I had a few nights with Eli's best friend Spencer. We headed off to Hanmer Springs where it also snowed, hailed and was jolly cold. But we managed to squeeze in lots of activities. They boys favourite was these bikes.

We had a stringest safety chat before and we were clearly told that an adult over 16 had to be the driver due to the requirement to follow road rules. So we madly biked to the domain and then I let them have fun on the little bit of quiet sealed track. At night a pottered on with my pajama quilt I am doing at the moment.

Eli got so tired one day that at 7pm he put himself to bed. Spencer was amazed but popped into bed too and they both slept till 7am. Whew.

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