Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wow it has been two years since we could do this

The garage has been so chokka with stuff that we have not been able to play table tennis for at least two years!!
 It has had a house lot of second hand carpet, a little bit of reclaimed rimu from Aaron's parents demolished house, and just piles of junk.
One and half years ago Aaron told me to clear up all my stuff in the garage. I did a HUGE job and had a garage sale. Then slowly in the spare space people put stuff. Slowly I sell, junk or remove it.

We laid the carpet in the house, used the Rimu for shelving in the laundry and today the boys and I cleared out all the rest. A great productive school holiday day.

The boys really enjoyed rediscovering the table tennis table. Today more stuff is going on Trademe and I have yet to persuade Aaron to sell the gym. I talked to him two months ago about the possibility and he has not used it since!! (ok so he has been sick!)

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  1. Oh I want one of these for our garage too! Lots of fun!


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