Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On a finishing streak

could not keep Morris out of the photo
I always have so many things on the go. I am very keen whenever I start a new project but that starts waning at some time and I end up with at least 10 things happening. Whenever I am sewing (not quilting) I get it all cut out and then it sits on my sewing desk for ages before I get to completion. I am always so inspired by each new idea that I start something due to the inspiration and immediately drop everything else. So I am trying to fix that issue!! This week I finished a cross stitch sampler. It has been 8 years in the making. I started it in a class at the Christchurch Embroiderers Guild with Jane van Kulen. I finished it at a lovely day put on by Lesley from Forget-me-knots. Morris would not leave me alone when I was taking the photos so he is in there too.
On my recent road trip I finished another cross stitch of a kettle and cups that was probably 10 years in the making (no photo as I still have not removed the line markings on the aida fabric).
On my desk cut up has been a bean bag seat. When reorganising Jakob's room I started it. To go in his reading corner. Anyway -finally finished though it was very roughly made!!
I have nearly finished a dragon bag for my nephew - again my continual problem - the "nearly" then sits around for a very long time.
Jakobs new bean bag seat

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