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new projects started

the finished size ready for sewing together
Yes I know that I should be finishing stuff. But I was trolling through various peoples blogs on my favourite list. Looking at their favourites etc. One person had a tutorial on using left over scraps to make scrappy triangles. It was only 3 inch in size and strips were only about 1/2 inch wide. Way too much work. Plus it was paper foundation. So I decided to do 4 1/2 inch triangles with no fixed form. No template, just sew left over bits into a triangle, rectangle size and then use my triangle ruler to cut them out. Very quick and satisfying. The tip of the triangle uses such a small amount of fabric that you really do use left over trimmings. At the same time I started doing 12 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch strings for what????? but they look great. I am imagining them with grey.
this is the strips sewn together. no ironing until cutting out the shape
This is the finished strings. Looking glorious. Again just using bits and pieces.