Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Queens Birthday trip

Needing to catch up with good friends in Waimate and Ashburton I took the long weekend to go away. Thanks to lovely hubby who had a boys weekend at home. (lots of car racing competitions, x-boxing etc).

At Bronwyn's house in Waimate I woke on Sunday morning to the most glorious rainbow I have seen in ages. This was taken out of the bedroom window. (I then went back to bed for a while until I was rung by my sister-in-law with a "baking emergency").

On my way up to Asburton to visit Marie I stopped at my favourite place - The Shearers Quarters - just out of Timaru. A good spot to stretch the legs. Great food, though the coffee is not the best, fantastic for kids and the most amazing surroundings. To stretch the legs I went animal visiting and just love the look of the Kune Kune Pigs. They look so ferocious but all they wanted was a good scratch on the back!

The awesome kune kunes contd.
don't forget the goat

the entry to the cafe

lovely big outside seating and huge playground

love the toilet and handbasin. Really in keeping
the enormous verandah

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