Monday, May 2, 2011

The School holidays are coming to an end

There have been sleepovers, movies, tramps, cycle trips and the list goes on. As the holidays wind down (back to school tomorrow) we did a few last things.
Jakob and I took Morris for a long run down at the river. We have not been able to do this for a while due to muck from the earthquake. Morris had the most fantastic time having races with Jakob.

It was raining as we ran around doing our last jobs and getting to be very late for lunch. So stopped at a bakery / cafe which had free face painting (by sheer chance). The boys got painted as different coloured dragons.

Then last of all - preparing for school - they had a long bath by candle light. Winds them down ready for a big sleep and the start of our normal routines. This can only be done in the winter months as it needs to be dark outside to be effective.

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