Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mothers Day stroll

 This year we spent mothers day in Akaroa on the Banks Penninsular. We stayed in a lovely house that was on a steep site so that when you went onto the deck you were level with the tree tops. Birds singing in the morning, sun shining and a view of the harbour. It felt like you had the place to yourself due to the dense bush but the houses were very close together. It was amazing to be so close and feel so private.
the view from the deck, lounge and bedroom

Eli showing off his new gloves I finished knitting

The rescued and shifted lighthouse. Due to earthquake damage we could not go inside.
  We had a lovely walk in the middle of the day that took a few hours, just mucking around being a family. Thanks so much to Colleen who allowed us to stay in her house with her.
getting wet
practicing their writing

Aaron playing with the camera

Lots of posing

All of us enjoying the wander

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