Saturday, May 28, 2011

4 Children and 2 dogs

Eli loves having Meisha sleep with him
Well it is a busy weekend. I am down one husband (he has gone to Akaroa to have time out to finish two assignments and study for exams.
I have acquired one dog - Meisha - the parents-in-law dog (they are in Akaroa too). Meisha gets spoilt when she stays as she is allowed on beds etc.

My sister has gone to Cromwell (for a party and a local show) with her partner. So we have Montana-Rose and Albie staying too. Thanks to Uncle Simon I got a 2 1/2 hour break as him and Lyn picked the kids up to go and watch Matthew play rugby (they lost :-).)
At five pm all were tired so they got to watch some Thunderbirds.

They are now all in bed, though I can hear little voices so growly aunty will be happening soon.Dishes to do, things to tidy and then I am going to give myself a treat.

In spite of all of this ( or because of all of this - I was so shot last night all I could do was sit down and watch some of my recorded programmes and stitch a bit) I managed to get some stitching done on a quilt I am designing. This has been on the go since the day I had with Leanne and Rosalie last year.It is based on the concept of design that Leanne taught us.  I have just managed to start designing some of the stitching. Am not yet totally happy with the applique but it is a learning curve and I want to keep it  reasonably simple. So it is flowers and hearts. (very normal I know but a begining).
I have gotten very optimistic by putting 2011 on the quilt. It now has to be finished this year!!!

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