Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recreate - yet another stool

Well this rainy Sunday afternoon I have spent remaking a bar stool. I purchasesd it from the Salvation Army store for $4. I nearly didn't buy it as the chrome was just pinpricks of rust and the condition of the seat was gastly. Isn't it funny what you umm and ahh about. Don't even think about filling the car with 65litres of petrol but I stew over whether to spend $4 or not!!!!
but it has been a hit. Eli absolutely loves sitting on it at the kitchen bench and doing things with me or helping to cook or just keeping me company and reading a book while I am doing dinner.
Because the chrome was not that flash I was not prepared to spend any money on it. I used the left overs from my previous stools and had enought floral, chrome tacks to complete the task. I scrubbed the chrome twice. Once with a kitchen scrub and once with a steelo. It has improved it beyond what I thought it would. Aaron is not thrilled. He wanted something funky and cool. So if anyone has any stools like this I would love to get another one so that there is no fighting for the boys as to who gets the seat.
I am very pleased with the result. Before photo is the red one.

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