Monday, May 3, 2010

Family cycling trip

Yes - we now can all ride a bike. Yes - we now all have a bike that is useable (albiet that Eli's bike is probably 50 years old and has a perpetual slow leak in the back tyre that no fixing will fix!!).
So off we went to the BMX. Via the park and the river so that we did not need to take Eli on the road.
Within 200 metres we had the first pile up. Eli at 4 was told to turn right but turned left. Heck - even I at 42 still sometimes get that wrong!!!
After a few tears and veiwing the camera photos of the crash, we were off again. I must say that cycling, keeping an eye on a 7 yr old learning the road rules, as well as taking photos where possible with my right hand, was rather taxing.
But we made it. Had a great time at the BMX track - Eli insisting that he was doing wheelies and spent the whole time trying to jerk the bike off the ground. (the photo is of one of those "wheelies"). It took a bit of convincing to get him to stop doing that when we were biking back home. He thought he was sooo cool.
What a lovely Sunday afternoon out.

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