Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recession Busters

I am gutted. I took a whole pile of photos on Thursday night and somehow the camera has had a glitch and has not kept them. My new camera too!!! They were great photos of our knitting night - Steff's mum would have been pleased to see that Steff did not have a bottle of red wine in her hand (I think it might have only been a glass), it was Bailey's night. Jolly marvelous.
Penny provided a great simple pattern for slipper socks. So we all madly knitted. I finished my first foot today at rugby.

Steff and Paula - check the pattern when you are doing the end of the foot. It says knit 2 tog knit 1 - you do this for the whole row - just trying to figure out where else the pattern may not be obvious. Anyway next month there will be a great photo for all to see of our finished slipper socks!

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