Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recreate - What a find

Well, yesterday on the way home from Rugby at Mandeville, I finally stopped at a shop that I had meant to go and look at ever since it opened about one and a half years ago. The Barn on Giles, which is on Giles Road, just out of Kaiapoi. The Barn on Giles

My goodness the things I have missed out on. It was so me. Button necklaces, pieces of material, retro feather duvets and blankets, mosaics, re-upholstered chairs like mine. A veritable treasure trove of ideas.
I am going back when I get some time to myself and I am taking everyone who comes to visit me.
They also are so into reusing and recycling that they sell rolls of wallpaper. but it is what they do with it in the shop. If you buy something it gets packaged into a lovely bag with string handle and cut out picture (mine was a dove). The bag is the width of a wall paper roll, folded over and sewn down the two sides, then with holes punched in the top. The cut it is old paint swatches that are from colours the paint shop is no longer doing. How cool is that!!!!
Recession busting ladies - here we go - idea city!!

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  1. Hey, while we were on the phone I meant to say that I got 5 rolls of wallpaper from our Sally Army shop the other week. 1 roll of a Laura Ashley 80's sprig and the other 4 of a green and maroon sprig, very busy. They so fit our house, and I am hoping to put at least one wall of wallpaper up in Luan's room when he goes home.

    Just note that its Giles Road, not might want to change your blog, or not! (if you want to keep the location secret!)


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