Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wherefore art thou quilt?

I finally finished a quilt and it disappeared. Only to be found on a certain young boys bed! He is Mr Snaffoo. Everytime I make something he wants it. Which is a fabulous recognition of the love and value he places on items people make.
upcycling for craft
Voila here it is in all the unmade bed glory. It seems that one of Eli's love languages is to do things for him. Make special food, make his bed (cause he hates doing it). He is also like me, a doer and maker of things, so he appreciates all effort. I started this quilt a couple of years ago, for the big king bed in the caravan. The quilt we had there was just a bit too small. All the quilts have been made using my ethos of recycling again. They are all PJ's from the Op Shop (Charity Shop). Things like "fill a bag for $5" or 50 cent racks. 

I have made a lot of PJ quilts for us and to give away, some for the charity - Hope Homes International - that I support. But also for nieces and nephews. They are warm, fluffly, wash well and don't matter if they get dirty. Quilting cottons in NZ cost so much, especially the good flannel, so this is my way of keeping it cheap and yet having a lovely product.

This is really big - the bed it is on is a queen but it goes up over the pillow and over the end of the bed. I quilt everything myself and once this was finally finished last year at my quilting retreat, I parked it. I did not see how I would be able to get it under my domestic machine.

So this year when I was on retreat again, I tackled it. Pinned it out while watching rugby, basted it well and then just did stipple quilting. That is the quilting I am best at and and don't need to think about, which I thought was a plan as I wanted to concentrate on getting it through the machine. It turns out all that procrastination was for naught. It took time, but was not as much of a trial as I anticipated.

Thrilled it is done for the next camping season.
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  1. Well done on the quilting front and the recycling!

  2. Looks lovely and snuggly, perfect for this wet cold weather. Great idea with using recycled flannelette.

  3. Such a lovely snuggly quilt! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  4. PJ quilts, I love that you recycle the PJ’s into gorgeous snuggly quilts!

  5. That's a great idea and I love how it has come up.

  6. What a lovely idea - I am increasingly drawn to using recycled materials for my quilts - however, I also need to use up my quilting fabric stash as well. Do you send your quilts to Kenya for your charity?

    1. Yes, I post them with an agent who get them in with no tax as it is for a charity. I do a bulk post and it costs about $50 per quilt. Or if someone is going over I send them in a suitcase and pay the excess bag rate.

  7. LOVE your Recycled PJ Quilt. I make a lot of T-shirt quilts. People really seem to love them!

  8. The PJ quilt is a great idea. Are you sure you are getting it back for camping season? =)


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