Wednesday, August 9, 2017


When I was on my quilting retreat recently I wanted to try some new blocks. But then I don't want a lot of random blocks hanging around so I have decided that the best way to use them is turn them into cushions. The block is a Missouri Start Quilt Company block called Pecking Order. I watched this video to learn how to do it.
This cushion I have given to the school library. They have a gorgeous library pit for reading and relaxing but it needs some jazzing up. So I have been giving them new cushions as I try new blocks. 

This cushion cover has a  grey based front with Kaffe Fassett material and the back is the below photo. Totally reversed with the bright material being the background. 
My friend from England - Kris, sent me this material one time and I had not used it. I love it and am going to make more of both colourways. I have decided to send her this cushion cover as a thank you.

I have also been using the opportunity to practise some new quilting. I have been scouring pinterest. I love love the leaves and a more dense set of quilting on the grey. Then on the bright side I used a pattern that I saw demonstrated on "The midnight quilter". Love the online videos of hers. I thought the flower motif in abundance suited the Kaffe Fassett - more is more - philosophy.

On a final note - my goodness this is my 800th blog post!
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  1. Happy 800th blog post! And not one grey hair! :-) Love that cushion........super funky quilting, well done you!

  2. Congratulations on your 800 blog posts! You also picked the perfect topic for the festive post! So nice!


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