Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who found the best treasure?

The school holidays and it is always important to exercise the boys, the dog and me. Out on our hour long walk around the block (which goes past two sports grounds, the bmx track, the pony club, the graveyard and a good section of the Ashley river).

My sister Ruth taught us the game of "who can find treasure" whenever we are out and about. We had not played that for a while but then when we were out crossing the river, on a gravel island, Jakob found a really high quality builders hammer. So the competition began. Eli found a large manuka pole but then also three fence paling's that he could not carry home.

Morris would not be outdone and carried a huge stick on river crossings, up banks and getting stuck in trees. All I managed to get was a bag of gum bark, leaves and twigs to start the fire with.

 We came home and the boys could finally have some more screen time as they had been out being physical. My sister came for lunch and we had a delicious wholemeal bread, blue cheese and grapes off her vines.

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