Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A bright quilt finish

My sister and I spent another Saturday night completing quilts for Hope Homes International

Thanks to Hazel for the quilt top. I made a backing and pinned the quilt, Anna quilted it and then I finished it on Saturday with the binding.

When I was in Dunedin last week I discovered a part finished quilt in an Op Shop (Charity Shop), amazingly it had all the material to finish it off. So Anna got busy on that while I backed and pinned the quilt that Jennifer donated.

We were both a bit tired but a great night. Now well on the way to another two more quilts being finished for Hope Homes.

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  1. Both lovely finishes for a fabulous cause. What an great find at an OPShop!

  2. Oh my what a great op shop find! I don't think I could give that away.

  3. Such a lovely, colourful, scrappy quilt! I love it! Square shape just always works.

  4. Great work ladies! What a super thing to find at the op shop, it is cool that you could finish it off.


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