Friday, April 29, 2016

It is a finish - Red and Grey quilt

naught and crosses quilt pattern
Four borders and I am ready to start backing and pining etc. I am thrilled with it. The pieced border is just the left over bits from making the crosses. I sew a quarter inch away from the cutting mark before I cut the corners off. Gives a whole lot of other blocks.

Am feeling pretty good today. Not only am I happy with this but I got 19/20 for my last university assignment and for the first time ever I trouble shooted the computer and fixed internet problems. Feeling like wonder woman at the moment.


  1. This quilt looks super nice! I love the many grays and that these are x's and not +'s so there is a different rhythm in this!

  2. Red and gray look great together! I love that you used the cut-offs from the X's. They make a great border. Beautiful finish!


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