Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spelling corrected, a finished quilt top

I have finally fixed the spelling on my embroidered blocks and the quilt top is finished. I did not have to buy any material to get it to this stage. It was all from my stash. The only thing is that the dark blue has run out and I really need that for the binding.
These embroideries are all memory verses from Jakobs first year at Rangiora New Life School. Jakob likes the quilt but says "what will I do with it?" As he is quite a sentimental chap I was a bit surprised at him not taking to it immediately.  
So now I am on the issue of how to quilt this together. Due to the stitching this could be difficult. Or I just ignore the stitching and do an continuous line quilting. Hmmm. So sort of a finish and sort of a WIP.


  1. Fabulous in blue! Happy quilting.

  2. Looks great Karen. Deserves custom straight line quilting which you are very good at!
    Shirley S

  3. I like this!! It's intriguing with all the geese.

  4. Beautiful design and your colors work so well together. Be sure to post a picture of your quilting.

  5. The quilt looks wonderful and very satisfying to have done it all from your stash!


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