Monday, September 21, 2015

It's a finish and some flowers

Well I have decided that the little projects, which can be finished easily, are the things to do as I try to balance my life working, being a mum, participating in our family and all the other stuff I want to cram in. This little project is inspired by a blogger on the other side of the world, who I follow, Tiina. She makes the most amazing zip bags all the time.
This is going to be filled with "perk me up" items for a lovely young lady going to university. Any suggestions for what to put into it? I have been focussed on food and need to think of other fun things. 
If you follow the blogs of other NZ and Australians, you will start to see the photos of spring coming in. Love love the huge variety of daffodils.


  1. I really like this zip pouch of yours! So lovely! And thank you for your compliment - so nice of you! You've made my day! A couple more exclamation points! ,

  2. Those zip bags come in so handy, and make nice gifts too. Yours is super cute!! Good job. Enjoy those lovely spring flowers. I'm hoping to plant some fall ones today - sweet pea seeds.

  3. Re things to put in for someone going to Uni....Panadol (for all those hangovers), a small solar charge torch (so there is always light in the darkness), Plasters or Bandaid (for foot blisters from new explorations)....

  4. Neurofen, some coins, lollies, tissues, a kinder surprise egg ;) gorgeous wee bag - will make a lovely gift! and the daffodils - so happy :)

  5. Love the bright fabrics you have used.


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