Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Headbands - Christmas is coming

I have found this YouTube video on making headbands and they are soooooooo simple.
The reason that it is about Christmas coming is this. This year the family Christmas is at our house and I have decided that everyone's present is a home made Christmas Cracker. What goes in a Cracker? The noisy thing, a toy, a joke, and a hat. So I decided to make headbands for all the females as their "hat". So still a few to go!!! But so easy. Get your bag of scraps.
I ironed them straight onto the interfacing rather than cutting separately as the video does.
Sew two sides together and put in the elastic. Sew Simple!!!

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  1. Ooh, super cool! I love your tip about sewing them all straight onto the interfacing, what a great time-saver! Am pinning this to my to-do list! Thanks.


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