Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Still a Work In Progress

I thought I had this quilt all ready to be batted and backed and quilted. Then send off to the Orphanage we support. The stars are  years old, leftover from another quilt I did but they did not blend in well. So I put the centre piece on point and then added a top and bottom to get it to child size.

I take it home and show Aaron and he thinks this is the nicest quilt I have ever done. What is with that? Our tastes are sooooo different. Because he supports my sewing and fabric collecting addiction, if he says he really likes something I can't exactly give it away can I?

As this was all old fabric and bits left over I have had to pop to the shop to get a couple of fabrics for the next rounds. So this is now an ongoing project to become a queen size quilt.


  1. Funny how our menfolk have very different ideas about our quilts. Good luck finishing this quilt.

  2. It is so warm and autumny. Looking forward to seeing the final result :)

  3. Guys do tend to like the darker, more traditional colors and patterns. Well, mine do anyway. The colors are rich, though, so maybe they're on to something. You made a brilliant decision to put the stars on point. It really works to give the top added interest and dimension. Can't wait to see the finished product. (Hint: It might make a nice Christmas gift for your guy.)


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