Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What to do to finish it off?

patchwork star

When I was on my quilting retreat in August I made the centre star. When I came home I squared the corners up and then it sat in a funk. How to finish it, what to do? I am trying to finish things at the moment, but what with work and being hit by a vicious cold I have done nothing for the last few weeks. 

I decided just to get on with it, not be precious about it and so I put the grey border on. I have three more little strip borders (some of that black with white dot) to put on and then I am going to try quilting it as a spiral. I see lots of people out in blog world doing that. So whether I like it or not at the end I am not sure but at least I will have a plan!!


  1. Like the blaock dot border - great idea!

  2. The grey borders fits great! I don't know the size of it but it would be a beautiful wall hanging.

  3. Medallion quilts are trickier to border, I think! You are going the right way, not over-analyzing. It will look great!

  4. A plan is a great place to start! Looking forward to seeing it come together... the spiral quilting sounds great to me!

  5. Pretty, it would have been fun to set it on point too..............happy spiral quilting to you!

  6. I find deciding is sometimes the hardest part. Your star is amazing!


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