Monday, March 11, 2013

Dirty hands and a hole in the garden

Over the weekend Aaron and I tried to catch up on all the jobs around the garden that just don't get done in the summer because of all our camping.

mulching like mad
Well my arms ached, my legs ached (and so did my butt - it felt like it should be really tight and small!! Why does it not look like it feels?). Anyway, I worked madly trying to mulch all the clippings and layer my compost with the pig poo from my sister (see her blog gardening in Amberley). Then on Sunday I mowed the lawn to add to that layering.

The hole and the stubborn stump

The dirt on my hands were a good representation of the hard work.

Aaron spent Saturday trying to dig out an old stump. Man did he work hard!! But the stump is still there. At one point I tried to help him I leant on the crow bar and heaved but all I ended up doing was falling on the end of the crowbar and smashing into my best zuchini (courgette) to absolute pieces. (I think some of my aches are from that as man it hurt all along my chest where I fell on the bar). But the stump is still there and all that happened was Aaron could hardly move as it really agrivated his back.

My sister wrote a poem once about my mothers' hands. 


  1. Put some oil or butter on the palm of your hands and add about a tablespoon of sugar. Work well into your hands and the dirt will vanish, rinse in warm not hot water and your hands will be lovely and soft. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if you wish to smell nice, tea tree has an antiseptic, or maybe lavender. Hope all your aches and pains get better soon.

    1. OOh thanks for that. Do you know what I found yesterday? A whopping bruise on my breast where I fell on the crow bar. Will have to anika that now too.

  2. OUCH! that does sound sore :( Oh and pig poo is wonderful in the compost.....there is one vege bed which we layed on a layer of pig poo compost and its the healthiest and greenest bed :)

    1. Lucky you. I am hoping that my sister will get more pigs so I can get more of the poo for the glasshouse

  3. You should have borrowed my wee chainsaw, and you could have cut through all the roots with it! the link to my poem is "My Mother's Hands". The full blog is here

  4. You have your own mulching machine? What size branches can you feed it? Maybe a friend has a stump grinder that you can borrow. Good tip on cleaning dirty hands. Thanks.


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