Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A zip pouch

Zip pouch swap
Well back here I gave a hint of what I was working on. But I could not reveal it as it was being sent as a part of a swap. I have never participated in any of the craft swaps before and loved doing this. This is what I made and sent off with NZ Chocolates inside.

It was organised by Ros from Sew Delicious and it was to be a secret, who you got etc. But finally Julia has emailed me to say that she is munching her way through the chocolate and fending off her husband.

I got a lovely set of pouches and other amazing goodies from my swap partner - see here.

As you can see from all the Christmas presents I have been practicing several different types of pouches and really enjoying doing them. A good quick project.

A wide mouth end ( so it opens right up)


  1. Gorgeous pouches! I've been working with jelly roll strips and I'm thinking that if I split them endwise, the strips would work for a pouch. Or if I used them as is (2.5" wide), the pouch could become a new bag. Oh, well, I'm an idea person with never enough time. Will add this to my 'to-make' list. Thanks for the inspirations! ~ Linne

    1. Or you could do all of the above and have a pouch that matches your bag!!! can't wait to see it


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