Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Accidental Holiday

Well all the photos of our fantastic holiday are on another camera. We had a lovely time in Karamea. Amazing walks, swims, lazing around etc. Then we headed of to continue down the West Coast. First stop at Jacks Gasthof SHwy 6, Buller 789 6501 Beside the Little Totara River.  Fantastic spot. Cheap camping at $5 per person and they run a gorgeous pizza and pasta restaurant and bar. I mean tiny. Seats about 15 if no one moves. Lovely bush, beside the Little Totara River and gorgeous swimming. That was as far as we got.

Back tracking to Karamea. Eli was practising his back flips on the trampoline and split his head quite deeply on the bar when he missed the flip. Blood everywhere!!! So off to the emergency nurse and 3 stitches in. He was really funny as he did not want me to wash the blood from his shirt. He wanted to keep it as a trophy.

Anyway, Saturday night at Jacks Gasthof and Jakob develops toothache. Very bad, no pain killers worked. Sunday we reported to the Westport Hospital but they have a shortage of Doctors and so no Doctor only nurses and they could not administrate pain killers. So off to an emergency Dr who put Jakob on Codine and said that we had to get home and get the tooth extracted. So one week early we came home and tooth is pulled the next day.

Today it was time to get the stitches out of Eli. In the nurses room they had a bed that looked like a massage table with a hole at the top. So Eli tried it out, much to the amusement of the Dr and nurses. They said that no kid had ever done that before (which surprised me!!!). Anyway it kept him distracted till the stitches came out.

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