Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hitting the house with 5 S theory

Well yesterday was a revelation. Aaron cleaned out the computer desk!! While I am only working 4-8 hours a week I am using the time to go through everything and reorganise the stuff. Now it is a mission that I am expecting to take a good four months. I had been working toward a garage sale but have started listing on trademe to see how it goes.
Anyway - last week I started with a vengence with Jakob's room. Rearranged the entire room so that you can access his wardrobe, put Dad's bookcase in. Today I have taken down all the little kid pictures etc and have started framing certificates of achievement that he gets from school, soccer, swimming etc and making the room a bit more adult. I still need to sort the wardrobe and make some bunting and redo a bean bag for his new reading corner. But we are well on the way.
Anyway, was in bed discussing what I want to do with the kitchen so that I use the nice things I have. At the moment they are all behind doors and harder to access. Talked about how to make the dining room look more spacious and how to make the kitchen more attractive. PRESTO - Aaron was out of bed, dressing gown on, and was working through all his computer gear. I was not going to stop this particular whirlwind from occuring. 1 1/2 hours later and look at all the clear surfaces!!!!

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