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Camping to relax

the kids watching tv before bed on friday night.
Last weekend we joined Margo and Warwick camping on Saturday morning. On Friday night all of my family went out for dinner while Matthew babysat all the five kids. When we got back to the house we decided not to head out camping that night. So we all slept in the lounge and headed out early (7am) the next morning, set up for camping and made french toast for breakfast. 

Had a lovely relaxing time. On Saturday Matthew had a  rugby game at Culverden. The family stopped for a coffee on the way and Montana-Rose and Albie decided to stay with us. We had a great time with all the cousins together. Roasted Marshmellows over the fire and had pikelets for lunch.
On Sunday the Schulz cousins came out with their bikes and all the kids were biking around together. Jasmine was very confident on her new bike. Gran took photos so I will update once I receive them.