Saturday, April 23, 2011

the 5 s continues!!! Now the Laundry

We have done the dining room and computer, Jakobs room and today I got stuck into the laundry. I cleared the under sink cupboard out and found a lot of cleaning products that were unused. So that will save in the shopping over the next wee while. I then cleared out behind the shelf as we could never properly open the door. Filtered down to at least half the number of things on the hangers. Bulky things nearer the kitchen so that the door opens (I am going to be really anal and label the hooks so that the correct things get put away in the correct place. The top of the shelfs is cleared of junk and the shelves organised. The window sill cleared off. Then it all cleaned (except the floor). Man I am on a roll!! (or procrastinating as I do not want to have to do my room - that will be a mission!)
"oh happy thought indeed, the shelves in a cupboard"

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