Sunday, April 26, 2015

ANZAC 100 years

On ANZAC day at 2pm we attended the most personal ANZAC service I have ever been too. Reading of letters from family members who were in the service. Very moving. One of the best wreaths that I have ever seen - from the local spinners and knitters group. Local native plants, red knitted poppies and flax crosses. Stunning.

My family
Lest we forget,
Private John "Jack" Brown, Killed in Action at Havrincourt, France 30 September 1918
Private James Brown, his brother, Killed in Action at Le Cateau, France the day after his 21st Birthday, 23/10/1918
Private George Anderson Bayne, Killed in Action, Chunuk Bair Gallipoli 8/8/1915
Private James Lews Bayne, Rouen, France 10/10/1918
Trooper Kenneth Anderson Bayne, died nr Pitcairn Island trying to save a child who fell off a troopship, already wounded at Gallipoli, 25/11/1916
Lieutenant Ashley Aston Heyworth, died in France 1/2/1918
Private Oliver Pickering, died Doullens, France 26/7/1918
Private James Peevers, Italy 19/12/1943
Flight Sergeant Thomas Alexander Peevers, Plane crashed St Arnault, France 2/5/1944
Private Ernest John Pickering, Egypt, 17/7/1942
Kenneth Anderson Chittock, Greece 25/5/1941
John Patrick Arthur Giles, died in Air Operations, Svino, Denmark,

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

While we were in the relative tropics of 1 degree.....

My husband, older son and later (when the weather was better) my parents in law were in -8 degrees C!!! And loving it.   Routeburn Track in the winter. Yes I have done it like this before and it is amazing. Well done to them.

My little trouper!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting some sewing done in the school holidays

Cutting mat, sewing machine and paraphernalia 

Concentration to avoid crashing
Tucked up in bed 

Very hard to turn corners on these bikes
In the middle of the school holidays Aaron took Jakob off to the Routeburn Track for 6 nights (and they walked in a blizzard, got snowed in, the track was officially closed etc etc.  In the meantime Eli and I had a few nights with Eli's best friend Spencer. We headed off to Hanmer Springs where it also snowed, hailed and was jolly cold. But we managed to squeeze in lots of activities. They boys favourite was these bikes.

We had a stringest safety chat before and we were clearly told that an adult over 16 had to be the driver due to the requirement to follow road rules. So we madly biked to the domain and then I let them have fun on the little bit of quiet sealed track. At night a pottered on with my pajama quilt I am doing at the moment.

Eli got so tired one day that at 7pm he put himself to bed. Spencer was amazed but popped into bed too and they both slept till 7am. Whew.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apple - Peasgood Nonsuch

Such a funny name. We have two of these trees on our new property. When we first came to view the property with the potential to buy I spotted and immediately identified the tree. (Correctly too which I was pretty thrilled about). Since then I have done a bit of reading as there is no codlin moth, no disease which is amazing. I knew them as cookers but in reading they say they are really good eaters too, so will have to try that.
Peasgood Nonsuch
Trying to show proportions of the huge apple (compared to a jar of jam)
They are the biggest cooking apple grown and a lovely heritage variety that are very much back in vogue. Self fertile and tip fruiting. It is really important when you have apple trees to identify them as if you pruned this for modern standards you would get no fruit as it fruits on the tip of the branch and modern pruning is to take them back to nodules along a branches full length.
1 apple was enough for an entire pie which feed four people!!!
Anyway. The apple pie was Yummy. I made it with butter puff pastry as everyone says you should. Can't say I was very impressed with the pastry. Does not puff amazingly more like a flakey puff. Wont be spending that money again. Maybe seeing that this is a heritage apple I should make a heritage puff pastry. My granddad used to make the most amazing pastry that used a whole pound of butter!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Home made hot cross buns.

Just like everyone else I wanted to make my own hot cross buns. Normally running up to Easter I make a lot but as we moved 10 days ago my first lot was yesterday. Aaron had picked up a bit of the bug I had later in the week so got his on a tray. The boys and I had ours with tea. Yummy

My recipe is a bit bog standard but if you go to this LINK - A blog I follow there is a fabulous recipe there that is similar.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

How lucky am I!!

Not only are we moving in a very short time to a new house where I get a room for craft, but we only have days left before all that happens and I have had an afternoon where I have been able to take time out and sew. Moving is not easy - in fact I HATE it. Well actually I hate the work but I love moving and doing different things. So everything is packed in boxes and my sewing desk is ready to be moved so the machine is on the kitchen table.

Aaron has taken the boys out for some shopping (boxes, boxes and more boxes) and then decided to have a swimming afternoon with them. How blessed am I. Yes I have been painting all the little marks on the walls where pictures have come down. And packing up some garage and shed stuff, but until they come home with those boxes I can sew. I just feel really lucky and blessed.
Anyway, while I have been having this quiet time I have come to a decision!! No I have not told my husband, but he reads my blog so he will find out. We are packed to move but I have decided it can stay packed as we are going to move to England. Uh Huh, yes we are! My perfect job came up today - In "The Lady" magazine in England. I have had many a job in my time through that magazine and have worked for some Lords and Ladies, all in preparation it seems for this perfect job, I am going to be the housekeeper for Kate, Will and baby George. Wont they be lucky to have me!!!!!

So on Tuesday if you see me at the distribution centre I currently work at, it will be a figment of your imagination. Once the family get my C.V I know they will bend over backwards to have me. So soon it will be the Royal wave from me..............until then.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I have to pack my stash

Well we move in two weeks. I am meant to be packing the house up. So that means I have to pack my stash. Now my stash is not quite the ordinary crafter's stash. It is piles and piles of clothing from the second hand store.
All the seams cut, just a few to go
The problem with packing it is that I get inspired and as I have packed all my current projects I just had to start another. My thought was that if it was started it would be far less bulky to pack. I decided to sew another "fluffy"quilt. Out came all the old pyjamas and the cutting began. I took off the buttons (very useful for other projects) and took off all tags(as I have yet another idea re what to do about them) and cut all seams off.
The tags and buttons - oooh another project to start!
So with Aaron away the boys and I were to have a quiet weekend. 1.30pm in the afternoon and I was on the sofa (yes for those who know me that means I am still in my nightie), Jakob in his dressing gown and only Eli dressed.
The rolls of material ready to go, with a bit of supervision from Morris.
Then we get a call "I am parked outside your house can I come in and look at it please?" Oh my stars. I had to confess to being in my nightie and asked for five minutes. They pottered off to an open home and we got 20 minutes. My goodness the boys have the routine of getting the house ready and then skedadaling really well. In 20 minutes I had a shower and got dressed, loaded the dishdrawer, sorted the garage, folded washing. The boys vacuumed, made beds, pulled curtains, opened window and then were off on their scooters.

Now I am ready to start cutting and sewing I think I may have seriously run out of time.!!
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