Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Training my boys

With school holidays upon us we still need to have time at home to complete those domestic chores. The boys had prior warning that today was a day of chores. So I started to extend their understanding of what needs to be done around the house. They have the basics sussed now. 

Lovely looking clean lounge
Today they:
  • wiped down the window frames, latches etc. 
  • Dusted their bedrooms including under their Lego (which they had told me was too precious to move)
  • Cleaned and oiled the Rimu wood tables.
  • Vacuumed into the corners and looked at the ceiling for cobwebs etc.
  • As well as the normal vacuuming and dishwasher clearing.
  • Then we went onto baking biscuits. We are going away tomorrow and if they want something sweet they had the time to do it.
This was all completed with minimal fuss (which is rather extraordinary!!!) as they were allowed to have breaks on a new XBox game they were into.
Baking choc chip cookies
So my house is clean as I did the windows, my own room and the toilet and bathroom. I do love a clean house and hopefully the boys are slowly learning to look at the little things too.

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The reward - XBOX time

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My boots were made for walking

But that is not what they normally do!! They sit in the bottom of the wardrobe remembering the times they got out into the bush.
The selfie before starting
Well this last Easter weekend I dusted the boots off and went with Aaron and the boys on a walk in Arthur's Pass. The views were amazing. After an initial hour of up and down we came out on a wide valley, the sun shone and it was gorgeous. 
The up and down bit was almost too much but it was so lovely to be out in the real bush like we used to all the time. 
The boys and I went about half way to the hut and then turned around. Aaron left us and ran to the hut and back again. So we did 12km but Aaron did 22!! Autumn is the time when I seem to be able to tramp. Cold enough to keep my blood pressure up which means I can walk further with not so many issues.
With the way that the weather started at the weekend it was just amazing to have such lovely weather and get out and about on Sat, Sun and Monday. We went down memory lane and stayed at Flock Hill in the backpackers. We talked a lot about Kerryn's wedding there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Treat

I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate buttercream icing to look like nests, and added a few Cadbury Easter eggs.
They were yummy and looked great but i could not find my piping bag so the presentation could have been a wee bit better.
I told the boys in the morning what I was doing and they promptly requested cupcakes for their teachers and friends after school. We had school interviews so I thought the teachers might need a wee boost and went along with their idea
When I rocked up at school with a tray of these there were many an admiring glance and when Jakob took them into his class they all wanted one. To say he got a pile of instant friends was an understatement!!

I got the idea as I had been watching the latest Rachel Allen Cake series on TV. So I used her Red Velvet Cupcake recipe - click and it will take you straight to the recipe. Although there are a lot of ingredients in the recipe it is just things you would find in your pantry and is a very quick recipe to do. I did not make her meringue frosting I just used a buttercream icing. I will be making these again.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bouncing off the walls

That is what Aaron is doing tonight. We bought this machine on trademe..........
 and collected it after swimming lessons this evening. Once home we had to try to perfect our coffee shot. So we tried about 8 different shots. Different thickness of grinds through the inbuilt grinder, different tamping, different amounts of grinds etc etc. I took a couple of sips of the better looking shots whereas Aaron could not see past the waste of coffee until about shot 6. (When I swear he was due for palpitations!!!). Whereas I just saw it as part of the cost of purchase. What is half a bag of coffee beans to get the coffee operating perfectly??

Looking forward to many a good coffee.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today I did some Scavacise

Yes I did. That is scavenging which is also exercise. A very good way to make your exercise enjoyable. There is nothing better than free stuff. I was trying to think of an american version of my word as they would say I was dumpster diving. So it would be dumcise, dumpercise....
dumpster diving, finding free stuff
So this is what my boot looked like at the end of half my exercise. 67 more bricks for the garden edging that I am going to try and mortar myself (we will see how that ends up!). These were in the work hard fill skip (dumpster) and it was getting picked up tomorrow so I had to be all action stations. 
Some of the new garden, though not quite as it will be. We were making last minute tweeks on the design over the weekend and now there will be a little less path. This is a long journey for us. Pottering on doing a bit here and there.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home made Marshmellow

Well still being on the lookout for work means I have a lot more time at home at the moment. One of the side benefits is I get to try a few new things. So I made homemade marshmellow. There are so many recipes out there and it is so easy to make, but I was unsure how my family would view the home made sort.
All recipes use a stand mixer but I just used a hand beater. I used a recipe from online but cannot remember where fromm (oops). It was super simple to do and Aaron and Jakob loved it but Eli spat it out!!
We tried toasting it over the fire as this is what we love to do when camping. But it just fell apart (or rather oozed and melted off the fork) so we will still have to buy them for campfires.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

18 down 7 to go!

Yes I now have 18 quilts for the orphans. Only 7 more to go and all the kids at Hope Homes International will have a quilt. Slowly getting there.
So I made this ages ago but have finally quilted it all. I posted about the making of it here.
As there were a lot of different styles of blocks I decided to quilt in an overall flower and loop pattern as anything that was rigid lines or diagonals would clash with various blocks. I used a quilting pattern that Crazy Mum Quilts had put on her blog one time. I am pleased with the result.
The back of the quilt is in a 1970's flannel that was donated and the binding in a black and white spot. Also donated.
Happy to be finished. 
I link up to these places and finish it up friday with Crazy Mum Quilts.
April Finishes
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