Thursday, September 27, 2018

Two years in the making

Two years ago I started stitching with no end in mind. I was in to have a heart valve replacement and needed to have something to do that took no concentration whatsoever. So a running stitch project that was gorgeous to look at was just the thing. Almost two years to the day of the operation I finished and turned it into a bag for winter. 
It is the most densely stitched item I have ever made. But I have fallen in love with running stitch and handwork again. It's made of left over bits of blanket that had been dyed and left over bits of velvet that Jane from Stash Palace gave me. The embroidery is all sorts of thread and thread types, mainly bought from Jane too.
The inside of the bag has a magnetic clasp and a carabiner for attaching my keys, as I'm always losing them in amongst everything else. Two insert pockets and one side elasticated pocket for my phone. I'm really thrilled with it.


  1. It is lovely! Just the right amount of pockets for your use, I really like the elasticized pocket.

  2. That's fantastic, love the accessory details too, keys link, stretchy pocket, secure zippy pockets and a really sweet heart (magnet/button). I too am falling in love with this technique, it was told it was called the "slow stitch" but hey what's in a name lol. I has a place in Japanese stitching too and called something else again. Love the bag and the personal energy behind it, looks like you have met more than one challenge here! xx


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