Saturday, October 28, 2017

Driftwood blouse

Well it has been a long time coming. Photos are not great as my camera is broken and only the selfie side works. Next time I will make this shirt a couple of inches longer. I cut it lower than the midline on the pattern but doesn't seem to be quite enough. However this material cost me $12 from The Fabric Store at The Tannery and I have heaps left over. A lovely cotton lawn. So great as a trial. I also used self binding but did not make it bias - next time it needs to be bias for the neckline.

I cut the driftwood blouse out about two months ago and parked it as it was just difficult. I love the patterns from Twig and Tale - the wool boots I make is another of their patterns. But this pattern is so large that when printed on a home printer all the A4 pages had to be taped together. When printing none of the notations ie "front", "back" etc print so trying to figure out what was what drove me nuts. Also the A4 pages had no numbering so working out how the pattern fitted took me all of one night. This put me off and the cut out material has sat in my sewing room for about two months.

It was a quick sew but somehow some of the pieces did not align well, even though I was anal about seam allowance etc. Thrilled to have finished it and will try again with my "better" material now that I have worked out the kinks in the sewing.

Spring is definitely heading into summer, the rhododendrons are just about finished and poppies, peonies and roses are starting to come out. These are some mutated poppies from my garden, they all just cross fertilised and now I am getting wonderful colour array.

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  1. Hi Karen, it sounds as though your pattern might have printed out without any of the labels on it? It should print with all the guides, labels, size marking etc. on the pattern pieces, with alignment diamonds to join all the pages together.
    I would suggest re-downloading your file from your account and printing out the first page of the pattens pieces to check this is working first. It not, please be in contact with us as you may have a corrupt file.
    ... I can't even imagine how tricky this must have been to put together with any of the labels!
    It might be (because you didn't have any labels to go by) that you ended up cutting the blouse at the bodice length for the dress, which would account for the shorter length...
    Despite ALL of that - it is looking amazing! Such beautiful fabric xx

    1. Thank you so much for those tips. I have just done all that and the notions, notches and all detail are on the pattern. Thank you Lisa for being so attentive to your customers. I was happy to keep going with what I had but now....woo hoo.

  2. Very pretty, looks much like Kaffe Fasste fabric

  3. Congrats! on your newly completed blouse. Such pretty fabric for only $12! Best of luck with the modifications planned for your next one.


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