Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good old faithful has been replaced

With  a title like that most people would think I was referring to a car. Nope. I am talking toasters. I used to live by myself in Oamaru in my when I was 19-20yrs old. During that time my father would do motorbike trips every year around the South Island. He would visit us all. The first year we all received parcels once he got home. Yes we all got a toaster.
I knew it would be the best toaster on the market for the money. My Dad researches like crazy before purchasing anything. We always got Consumer Magazine. This toaster is still going strong and is now 29 years old. But.... yes here comes the but. Crumpets, nice bread etc get stuck as it was really just made for toast bread.
The old toaster has lived for 8 years in storage on a farm. Moved from pillar to post. Been in flats and three houses. Now it is being relegated. I am not normally sentimental, but for this I am.
So for safety and cooking sake I bought a new toaster. Same brand and looks, just a much wider area for toast.

I still have the present from the motorbike trip the next year, it was done in the winter and we all got a heater. The heater now graces our caravan. 

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