Friday, May 27, 2016

Trying to be more adventurous

A long time ago I started embroidering squares with my boys memory verses from school, thinking it would make a great quilt.
I then patched it all together with scraps that were given to me or left over from other things. This was August 2015 by now and then I parked it. Too difficult to quilt, so I put it in my pile of things to finish.

This is where being adventurous begins. Normally when quilting I just do an all over pattern, as fast as possible to get it done.  

But this time I decided to try new patterns as I really need to get better at quilting than just using it to keep all the bits together. So I used a Koru style pattern around the embroidery. A clamshell pattern in each of the teal flying geese, no matter the size. So some of the quilting is tiny!!

Then I got stuck. The borders where there is no patchwork I tried a more flowing style of quilting. Not as good as I have seen others do but I know that practise makes perfect and it fits really well with the fabric choice.

Then I resorted to a general stipple on the rest. So this is quite heavily quilted.

patchwork quilt
As usual Morris managed to photo bomb. I have no idea what I am going to do with the quilt. It is a single bed throw size. So trimming and binding to do. But then it is not relevant to give to the orphans as it relates to our school. I thought one of my two boys would jump at it as they are both quite sentimental. But no. 

Anyway, pleased to have pulled this out and finished the quilting.


  1. What a special treasure! Good for you stepping out on the quilting edge and trying something new!

  2. This would make a lovely wall hanging too.

  3. Such a lovely idea and your quilting is stunning! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog regarding the beach ball bag and asking about the curtain rings. I'm afraid your email address doesn't show up with your comments so I've no way of getting in touch directly. WOuld you mind sending me your email address and we can chat more? Jxo

  4. I love your idea of trying new quilting designs! Maybe you could use this as a wall quilt somewhere? It's very elegant looking!


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