Monday, November 9, 2015

I have a weekend to get a quilt made

On Friday night I went to hear William Thompson from Hope Homes International talk at a local church. This is the orphanage where I sent a pile of quilts over a year ago (6 years work). When questioned William advised he had room in his suitcase for some quilts. But I only had one made!!
Not only that but as I am away for work this and next week, there was only this weekend to get more made. So I looked through all my half finished stuff. So Saturday I started at 10am. I found these cut - scraps cut into pieces ready for a Plus quilt. (I like to call then Cross quilts) 
I worked out the size and had to cut another 10. Based on a finished 4.5inch size. Selected fabric and cut. 
By 11am I was laying them all on the floor getting ready to sew in lines. 
1pm and I was starting to flag. Plus needed to go to the shop to get batting as the shop closes at 2pm. Organised the boys and did a bit of gardening.

At midnight I was pinning all the quilt pieces together. I was at the point of giving up as the quilting and binding takes a long time. Then Kerryn messaged me from Australia to see how it was going. When I told her she gave some excellent advise, that I followed. Just stitch straight lines to get it done.  
I thought about that overnight and realised she was right but was still not sure if I would get it done. So stitching around each cross. But that still left quite a space in the middle of each piece which would wear. So I freehanded hearts, stars, flowers etc into each centre.  
Cross Quilt
By 3pm I had the quilting done and the edges trimmed. 
Hope Homes International
Oh my goodness, I finished!!! Patched, Quilted and Bound - finished at 5.30pm on Sunday.
Now I am spending a day catching up on my housework etc. 


  1. That looks great, it's so rewarding to get something achieved so fast, good on you!

  2. look at zap you are done! great quilt.

  3. Congratulations! Well done, and not at the expense of aesthetics since this quilt looks great!

  4. So proud of my wife!!!
    The effort she has put in for Hope Homes in phenomenal. They deserve it!

  5. Quite a marathon! Glad you got it finished. And it looks good too.

  6. Bravo! It looks great and is sure to be enjoyed and appreciated. Your marathon session of quilt making was worth it. Well done!

  7. WOW... what a labor of love! And I'm sure too it will be well loved by the child who receives it.


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