Sunday, November 8, 2015

Companion planting

This gorgeous cauliflower is HUGE. About four times the size of my hand. I companion plant, I always have. Not because of the greeny reasons (better plants, less pests etc) but due to space. Anyone following my blog for a while will see that no matter how much garden I have it is never enough. So I squash veggies in amongst flowers and roses and vice versa. I love the surprises it brings. 
side sprouting cauliflower
I am an avid user of NZ Gardeners weekly electronic newsletter - Get Growing. The advice is good, there is interesting detail and I have adapted a lot in my garden due to their tips etc. I am now an avid follower of gardening by the moon cycle. But I disagree with an article they published last week about companion planting. They said "do not put brassica's with strawberry plants". Well in all the time I have gardened I find that my brassicas do best in a strawberry bed and so does garlic. 

The top photos is a huge cauli, just picked for tonight's dinner, grown in the strawberry patch. The cauli underneath is a variety called side sprouting. I thought it would give me a big heart and then do the side sprouts. But no, you can see a big heart developing and side sprouts at the same time. Now that is my idea of maximising space in the garden!

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