Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am a pillowcase snob

Now on various other blog posts I have talked about being a snob - or "having a very particular preference to...".
This time I share my pillowcase making as I am so particular about my pillowcases that very few commercially produced ones come up to standard.

A good pillowcase should;

  • be % cotton or linen. 
  • be ironed!!!
  • Feel crunchy when my head hits it
  • Stay cool in the summer so if I wake up at night I can turn it over and it will be cold against my skin
  • Have a decent tuck in tab so the pillow does not come out of the case!!!.....
Oh I could go on.

For my birthday last year my sister gave me these incredibly old Osman sheets still all in their original wrapper. So last night I made some pillowcases from them. I made four normal pillowcases and then one triangle case. (First time ever) Wow these sheets were so so starched it was hilarious, just another pointer to the date of them.

Eli likes to have some company as he winds down for the night so he popped into our bed to read while I put pedal to the metal on the sewing machine.

trying to make a pattern for the triangle case

Making Pillowcases
So here is my finished pile of four pillowcases all fitting my criteria.

Now I am happy to make the bed!

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  1. I'm particular about sheets in general and I've taken sheets to make into pillow cases and I've been happy with the results. Once I even got all crazy and used a decorative stitch on a set I made! That quilt is really nice!!

  2. visiting from SewMany Ways linky... I know what you mean about the pillowcase "requirements" I am the same way. I made some out of decorative 100% cotton and they are great! I have not found how to make that little tuck thing on the open end that allows the pillow to go there and not slide'd you do that? Nothing worse than rolling over and having the pillow coming out of the case and my face hitting the pillow and the end of the case!

    1. Hi Cheri, To make the tuck in I worked it out that you fold over extra material at the open end when sewing. Hmm not explaining very well. I looked at the construction of some bought ones and just made the tuck in piece twice as big.


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